Thank you joining our expert witness network. These terms and conditions are designed to protect you as the expert and Mednick Associates. Our main requirements are that you bill through our firm for your time, work through us in the future if the client contacts you for more case work as we brokered the original relationship and that you complete the work in a timely manner or communicate effectively if the case will take longer than originally thought to review. We look forward to working with you and providing additional case work as warranted.

This Agreement is entered into between the prospective expert (known hereinafter as “you or “your”) and Mednick Associates (known hereinafter as “us” or “our”) as of today’s date.

You desire to render your services to us as an expert in your chosen field to us and agree to the following terms:

  1. Expert Services

Upon your acceptance of a case from us, you agree to review the materials, documentation and information provided by us and to provide us with your verbal opinion on said case within the agreed to time period when the case was presented to you. Some cases will indicate an earlier or later due date, which will always be communicated upfront so you can determine if you can meet the deadline. If you agree to review a case within the deadline, but are subsequently unable to review the case materials by the due date, you must return the case to us and no fee to you will be applicable. If you encounter a conflict with any party or institution involved in the case during the review, you must return the case to us and no fee to you will be applicable.

You agree to make yourself available for additional record review, telephone conferences, reports, deposition testimony and trial testimony if you agree that a case has merit and that you can support it.

  1. Billing

You shall not bill the client directly. All billing will be sent to Mednick Associates via email to or sent through regular mail, within 30 days of the completed action. Billing sent to us more than 30 days after the work was done may not be able to be paid. Billing on the case encompasses the time from the initial review and all subsequent work, including any testimony.

You must notify us of new cases received directly from clients that were introduced through us and billing on new cases must be sent through us. If time passes and you have a question on whether an attorney was a “Mednick Associates referred client” simply call us and we will verify this information for you.

You will be paid only for services authorized in advance by us. Any bills in excess of time that has not been authorized by the company cannot be paid. You agree to inform us if contacted directly by client for additional services on any cases, so additional funds can be obtained from client. This is important to protect you, as the expert.

Scheduling arrangements for depositions and trial testimony shall also be made through the company to assure a timely, efficient process and to allow us time to obtain your payment prior to the testimony date. The maximum billing hours per day shall be eight hours unless authorized in advance.

  1. Independent Contractor Status

You will not be an employee of ours. You will be an independent contractor.

  1. Expert Credential’s

You warrant and represent that all professional licenses, including board certification are current and valid. You warrant and represent that you never had your license revoked or suspended and you’ve never been suspended from any hospital staff or had hospital privileges restricted. You will disclose to the company any matter that could your credibility as an expert.

  1. Hold Harmless

You agree to hold us harmless from any and all claims, demands, liabilities, costs, expenses, damages and causes of action relating or resulting from your’s acts or omissions relating to this agreement in any way.

You agree and understand that the information in all medical documents sent are confidential and agree to treat as such.

  1. Connecticut Law, Jurisdiction and Venue.

The laws of the state of Connecticut shall govern the agreement. Any action arising out of this agreement shall only be commenced and maintained in the County of Fairfield, State of Connecticut.

  1. Attorney’s Fees

In any dispute between the parties, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover from the other party all reasonable costs, including without limitation, reasonable attorney fees.