Why Neurology Expert Witnesses are Uniquely Beneficial to Litigators with Medical Cases

While most physicians tend to focus on a specific area of medicine, there are some specialties, like neurology, where the specific meets the general. Mednick Associates highlights the top 5 areas where neurology expert witnesses can help litigators.

New Canaan, CT (PRWEB) October 31, 2012

Mednick Associates, a medical expert witness and legal nurse consulting firm based in Connecticut, knows neurologists. In fact, they have over 50 neurology expert witnesses in their ever growing expert network. Neurologists can be very helpful to a litigator, as their chosen medical focus can run the table from the general to the specific. Mednick Associates leverages these traits for their clients and provides neurology experts that can review a truly diverse set of medical cases.

Studying and understanding the central nervous system defines a neurologist. Given the nature of the specialty, the conditions that neurologists are uniquely qualified to comment on is varied and wide. Trial attorneys can rely on neurologists for cases involving the following conditions or ailments.

  1. Neuro-developmental disabilities: This concerns a vast array of chronic conditions which need to be diagnosed and managed correctly. They include cerebral palsy, mental retardation and various neurologic conditions or syndromes. Due to the varied nature of this category, an attorney can rely on a well trained neurologist to cover many aspects of their legal work.
  2. Sleep medicine: Normally thought of as a specialty only for pulmonologists, many neurologists are involved in the care and diagnosis of sleep disorders. They focus mainly on the ‘wake up cycle’ and clinical conditions that can prevent or disturb sleep.
  3. Vascular Neurology: Vascular diseases can affect the central nervous system. In recent years this has created a need for stroke specialists. JCAHO certified stroke centers have increased this demand for qualified neurologists to assist in the care of stroke patients.
  4. Movement disorders: A wide range of conditions can be classified as a movement disorder, with Parkinson’s disease as an example of a well known and publicized condition. Others include Tourette’s syndrome, Wilson’s disease & tremor conditions.
  5. General: Since the central nervous system penetrates both the brain and spine, neurologists can treat headaches, chronic pain management issues, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and neuromuscular diseases.

Mednick Associates works with their clients to maximize the experts ability to assist them on more than one case. Neurology expert witnesses represent an area of medicine that allows for such a strategy for litigators with a high and diverse caseload. Whether a medical malpractice, child abuse, workplace accident or criminal case, a litigator may need the diverse and special skill set of a neurologist to assist in reviewing documents or trial testimony.

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