Medical Experts For VA Nexus Letters

VETERAN OWNED & OPERATED, Mednick Associates is your source for Nexus Letters for VA disability cases. Written by our team of medical expert physicians – attorneys nationwide trust Mednick Associates for comprehensive, medically sound Nexus Letters for their veteran clients. Please see the brief video below of our VA Nexus Letter services.


Mednick Associates is a
veteran-owned company. We understand the VA and the legal standard necessary for a successful Nexus Letter.

Lower your risk with our free case pre-screenings and our per-case fixed price fee schedule.

Our experts have helped hundreds of attorneys, nationwide, who require Nexus Letters for their clients.


We drive WINNING VERDICTS via our distinguished medical expert network who represent the medical specialties you need.

Our expert physicians support their
opinions with peer reviewed
medical literature and understand the “as likely as not” legal standard.

We opine on all physical, mental and toxic exposure cases,  including CLWC and Agent Orange.


Veteran Owned



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Providing Medical

Experts since 1991

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Medical Experts

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Click the “Request a Medical Expert” link on the right and fill out our brief form.  We will use that information to screen your case within our network of experts to get their opinion on possible clinical supportability. This service is free, and there is no obligation.

If the expert(s) feedback is favorable and you’d like to move forward, we will recommend a medical expert to you, coordinate obtaining the medical records via our HIPPA compliant system and the medical expert will start the case review.

Our medical experts will address as many medical claims as possible in ONE Nexus Letter, thus saving you time and money, by avoiding multiple Nexus Letters for multiple conditions.

Reports are delivered in 2-4 weeks. If you have a shorter deadline, please let us know upfront and we will always do our best to accommodate.



We charge a fixed flat fee of $1,500 to have an expert review the medical records and draft a supportive Nexus Letter. More than 95% of cases are supported. In the rare instance the case is not supported, we only charge a $750 flat fee for the time spent by the expert on the medical record review.

Fee Summary

Pre-Review Case screening: NO CHARGE

Expert Record Review & Supportive Nexus Letter; $1,500

Record Review only: $750

Multiple issues can generally be covered in one report and the cost remains the same. The exception to this is nexus letters that require multiple specialties (i.e. service connection for both physical conditions and mental health disorders). More often than not though, most reports looking to connect multiple issues can be done by one expert.

Coming home doesn’t mean their war is over:
for some veterans, it means a new battle begins.