Veterans Intensive Bootcamp

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Mednick Associates is a veteran owned and operated company and we have a specific part of our company that focuses on VA disability claims and medical experts reviews .  Therefore, we understand some of the difficulties veterans face when searching for new career opportunities. Below is an article that discusses an exciting new program that can help them gain better opportunities.

NS2SERVES, the non-profit division of SAP National Security Services, is offering to help veterans attain educational technical skills with the capability of providing them with better career opportunities. After this program, Veterans will be able to acquire a job with a starting salary of $60,000 per annum. As a result, the unemployment rate will be lowered. Based in Leesburg, Virginia, the three month program rewards participants with a SAP Associate Certificate.

SAP NS2 Sr. Vice President and retired US Navy Vice Admiral Joseph Kernan, believes that veterans have instilled traits that make them valuable employees. Their good judgement, great team support, and ability to work well under pressure makes them an asset to any company.

With this program, participants will exercise their additional skills and adjust to a more adaptable lifestyle in this economy.  Read more…