EMRs and Medical Malpractice

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Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), according to the general medical community, serve as an unnecessary obstacle to practicing medicine. As a result, many physicians are resistant or slow to adopt the utilization of EMRs. Case law establishes physicians can be held liable for harm that could have been averted had they more carefully studied the records, … Continued

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New York: Expert affidavit to be considered on summary judgment motions – whether or not the expert has been previously disclosed.

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The Governor of New York has signed S5188/A6265 into law. This legislation overrules a line of decisions, including Construction by Singletree, Inc. v. Lowe, 55 A.D.3d 861 (2d Dep’t 2008), Garcia v. New York, 98 A.D.3d 857 (1st Dep’t 2012), Rivers v. Birnbaum, 102 A.D.3d 26 (2d Dep’t 2012) and DeSimone v. New York, 119 … Continued

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Codeine kills kids. FDA wants more restrictions.

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The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is taking steps to restrict access to cough and pain medications containing codeine for children, as it puts them at risk. Though it is rare, codeine can cause children to stop breathing and die, especially when the liver quickly converts codeine to morphine. The FDA has warned the public … Continued

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