20 Frequently Misdiagnosed Conditions

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Medical malpractice comes in various forms, all of which may warrant a law suit. The primary cause of medically-related litigation is misdiagnosis, as doctors do not always get it right. Here are many of the top conditions healthcare professionals overlook or identify incorrectly: Aortic Dissection Appendicitis Cancer Celiac Disease Cluster headaches Depression Endometriosis Fibromyalgia Heart … Continued

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Fetal Assault: A New Tennessee Law with a Huge Loophole

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In Tennessee, when a child is born addicted to drugs (particularly narcotics), it is considered fetal assault. Mothers can escape fetal assault charges if they have a prescription for said drugs during their pregnancy. Pain clinics, referred to as “pill mills” by law enforcement, are common in Tennessee, and make it easy for the public, … Continued

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NYSTLA Partnership Gala 2015

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Mednick Associates anxiously awaits the 10th Annual Partnership for Justice Gala, which will celebrate the 13th anniversary of the Partnership program, as well as all current association sponsors. Mednick Associates is a long-standing sponsor and supporter of NYSTLA. This event will take place Tuesday, November 17 at the Marriott Marquis in New York City, overlooking … Continued

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Six Causes of Negligence Related to Electronic Medical Records (EMRs)

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Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), according to the general medical community, serve as an unnecessary obstacle to practicing medicine. As a result, many physicians are resistant or slow to adopt the utilization of EMRs. Case law establishes physicians can be held liable for harm that could have been averted had they more carefully studied the records, … Continued

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