Man receives $700,000 in workers compensation and medical malpractice damages for botched knee surgery following work injury

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Lipkin & Higgins, a Chicago-based law firm specializing in personal injury and medical malpractice, recently dealt with a case involving a work injury resulting in botched knee surgery. A medical equipment installer, who was injured on the job, sustained knee damage that required orthopedic surgery.

After reviewing the patient’s MRI, an orthopedic surgeon determined that the patient have surgery on his left knee. While the nurses and surgeon verbally confirmed surgery be performed on the man’s left knee, the right knee was prepared for surgery and then operated on. It was not until mid-surgical procedure that the orthopedic surgeon realized his mistake and began operating on the correct knee. The healthy knee, in addition to the injured knee, eventually needed replacing as a result of this surgical error.

Because the nature of the injured medical equipment installer’s circumstances, two legal actions, one in workers compensation and the other in medical malpractice, were brought to the table. The plaintiff ultimately received approximately $700,000 in compensation from both of these cases.

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