Hearing scheduled for Medical Malpractice lawsuit against negligent doctor in death of Kentucky infant

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A hearing for the Kentucky medical malpractice case in which an infant died as a result of a negligent doctor is scheduled for March 2014. In 2010, a Kentucky couple lost their infant child when a doctor improperly placed a respiratory tube in a follow-up procedure causing the baby to suffocate to death. The parents filed a suit this October against the emergency room doctor for negligence, the contributing factor in the infant’s death.

The plaintiffs aim to prove the doctor was incapable of providing the proper skills and care associated with the responsibilities of his position. Medical malpractice can be difficult to prove in a case such as this, where a jury must decide whether or not a doctor failed to meet a “standard of care,” as there is no official standard recognized by all. Therefore, the testimony and expert opinions of medical expert witnesses will be crucial in coming to a verdict.

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