Increase in Hypertension Emergency Room Visits Likely Result of Lack of Outpatient Care from Medical Professionals

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A recently published study conducted between 2006 and 2011 indicated a significant increase in emergency room visits in the US as a result of hypertension, or high blood pressure. The Western Michigan University of Medicine’s findings suggest the increase in hypertension-related emergency room visits may be a result of healthcare professionals not doing enough to help patients control blood pressure in an outpatient environment. On the other hand, the study also indicated a decrease in hospital admissions and deaths related to high blood pressure. Dr. Sourabh Aggarwal, the study’s lead researcher, says the decrease is most likely a result of hospital physicians’ increased skills and experience in treating hypertension. However, Dr. Sourabh Aggarwal argues physicians are not meeting the outpatient needs of those already treated for high blood pressure once they leave the hospital.

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