Lifetree Pain Clinic Doctor Targeted by DEA after Pattern of Patient Painkiller Overdoses

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Two women are dead among several other patients who overdosed on opioids after being treated for chronic pain at the Lifetree Pain Clinic in Salt Lake City, Utah. Dr. Lynn Webster is under fire of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) after medical malpractice claims were filed against him for patient deaths as a result of taking over-prescribed painkillers.

Carol Ann Bosely, one of Dr. Lynn Webster’s patients who died from prescription drug overdose in 2008, was prescribed a total of 100-120 anti-anxiety and pain pills per month in her first year of treatment at Lifetree Pain Clinic. By the time of her untimely death by overdose, Bosely was taking approximately 600 pills per month, all of which were prescribed at Lifetree by Dr. Webster.

While Carol Ann Bosely’s death was originally ruled a suicide, patterns of overdose in Lifetree patients, who were also treated for chronic pain, suggested otherwise. Click here to read more about this story and watch a news clip originally posted on CNN.