Medication errors are the root of nursing home wrongful death case

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As noted in recent posts, negligence and prolonged absence of necessary care are the root of many medical malpractice cases. The story of the wrongful death of a man in a Chicagoland nursing home is no exception.

Levin & Perconti is a Chicago-based law firm that specializes in personal injury, medical malpractice, and wrongful death with an emphasis on nursing home neglect and abuse. The firm published a recent blog outlining the untimely death of cancer patient and Renaissance Park South Resident to highlight the dangers associated with over and under-medicating those in need of medical care.

After suffering a debilitating heart attack and stroke, a Chicagoland man was admitted to Renaissance Park South, a nursing home in the area. Shortly after his admittance, he was diagnosed with gastrointestinal cancer for which doctor’s prescribed him Gleevac. Unable to care for himself, nursing home staff assumed the responsibility of administering his cancer medications and scheduling follow up visits with his oncologist. However, nursing home staff failed to regularly give the man his prescribed doses of Gleevac or assure he was seeing the oncologist. Consequently, the Renaissance Park South resident’s condition worsened, ultimately resulting in his wrongful death.

The patient’s family sued Renaissance Park South for negligence as a result of their medication errors. They eventually settled. The Renaissance Park South nursing home then released the following statement: “We regret that the incident occurred and used it as an opportunity to better ourselves and the care we provide.”