Mednick Adds Medical Experts in Oncology and Orthopedic Surgery to Medical Expert Network

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Managing an effective network of 2,500 medical experts requires constant revisions, alterations and updates. Mednick Associates recently added orthopedic surgeon experts and oncology experts to their extensive physician expert network to continue to meet client needs.

Providing medical experts to litigators across the nation for over 20 years, Mednick Associates currently grants clients access to 2,500 medical expert witnesses. With an exclusive focus on medical litigation and medical experts in over 150 medical specialties, Mednick Associates is proud to announce the addition of 10 new oncology and orthopedic surgery experts. Their nationwide medical expert witnesses are readily available and willing to testify in medically related legal cases. In keeping with Mednick Associates’ expert heritage, each new expert is screened and practices medicine as their primary occupation, as Mednick Associates does not recommend “career” or “professional” experts to clients.

All board certified medical experts are from highly regarded research and clinical teaching hospitals as well as prestigious private clinics. Focusing on areas of need for their clients, Mednick Associates specifically focuses on accessing expert medical knowledge in two key specialties: orthopedic surgery and oncology.

Mednick Associates’ featured orthopedic surgery expert witnesses and oncology expert witnesses hail from several renowned medical institutions across the United States. Those newly added to Mednick’s large network of medical experts include oncologists who are leaders in their field. These oncology experts specialize in medical oncology, surgical oncology, breast cancer, stomach cancers, tumors and other areas. Also included in the growing expert network are new orthopedic surgeon experts specializing in upper extremities, foot and ankle care, various spine injuries and other orthopedic surgical procedures.