Mednick Associates Adds Medical Advisory Board to Suite of Legal Services

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Mednick Associates is proud to announce a new Medical Advisory Board consisting of post-clinical career physicians brought together to extend exclusive services for plaintiff attorneys dealing with medical malpractice litigation.

Mednick still offers free case screenings with initial expert opinions for all clients. However, certain cases require a more in-depth analysis to determine their merit. Mednick’s Medical Advisory Board is available to assist with medically related cases that are complex, have gray areas, or can swing either way.

The Medical Advisory Board reviews medical records and provides a concise, research-based opinion on the merit of an attorney’s case. This information is compiled in the form of a written confidential work memo. Medical Advisory Board services are offered at a flat rate of $795 per case with no additional fees or hidden costs.

Physicians chosen as members of Mednick Associates’ Medical Advisory Board are not testifying experts. Instead, they objectively opine medically related case facts to ensure attorneys pursue the right cases at the appropriate times.