We are constantly improving our medical expert network – read below to see how

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Wilton, CT (PRWEB) April 2, 2013

Expanding their network of physicians and specialists is ingrained in the culture of Mednick Associates. The most recent additions to their expert network include hard to find physicians with not so common specialties.

Since Mednick Associates changed ownership in 2010, the medical expert witness and legal nurse consulting company has focused on expanding and updating the medical experts available to their clients. In this competitive market, having access to the most prominent physicians from the most highly sought after institutions provides a level of differentiation amongst the many avenues available for medical experts.

“By focusing exclusively on medical experts for litigators, we have the luxury of developing systems and processes to gain access to the best experts in their respective fields. We view our laser focus on medical litigation as a strength because it allows us to master the upfront screening process, which our clients appreciate,” says General Manager, Diane Manders.

Over the last two years their entire expert network, developed over the last 20 years in business, was vetted for deletions, additions, updates and re-characterizations, where necessary. The roughly 1,500 expert network was re-tooled and as of March 2013, the network had expanded to slightly over 2,000 medical experts in over 150 specialties. Additionally, expanding geographically was a priority, and as of 2012, the network was expanded from coast to coast, making Mednick a true national litigation support company.
Added Manders, “Our clients need qualified experts, and in some cases very quickly. Our expanded geographic approach allows us to service clients in all 50 states, and in some instances, Canada.”
While the number of experts is important, focusing on the quality and diversity amongst varied specialties is the main concern. Over the past few months, the focus has been on rare cancer specialties that manifest with hematologists, medical oncolgists, surgical oncologists and the varied forms of oncologic pathologists. Alleged cancer diagnosis delays, radiologic tumor detection, rare forms of blood cancer and pediatric oncology issues are just some of the cases where Mednick has assisted recent client requests. Every few months provides an opportunity to focus on a new specialty which keep their experts fresh and on top of the latest medical literature in their respective area of medicine.
“The good news,” says Manders, “is that we can stay ahead of our clients by constantly focusing on increasing quality and quantity of our medical expert network. We find the experts before they even know they need one.”
Mednick Associates, in business for over 20 years, specializes in legal nurse consultation and medical expert witness recommendations for litigators.