Nation’s Largest Concierge Medicine Practice Under Fire After Affiliated Doctor Found Liable for Negligence

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MDVIP is the largest concierge medicine practice in the United States. With approximately 800 affiliated physicians in 41 states, MDVIP was best known for providing quick access to doctors to those who pay the $1,500 annual membership fee.

As of last Tuesday, MDVIP came under fire after an affiliated doctor from Florida was found liable for negligent malpractice. The doctor in question misdiagnosed a patient’s leg pain, which later resulted in the amputation of that patient’s limb. In turn, MDVIP was also found liable for the misdiagnosis.  However, because the doctors who are affiliated with MDVIP are contracted, not direct employees, MDVIP argues they are not responsible. The plaintiff’s attorneys urge MDVIP and concierge medicine practices like it to be more selective of the doctors with whom they choose to affiliate (Galewitz, 2015).

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