New York State Academy of Trial Lawyers puts on CLE event in NYC, Mednick Associates sponsors and exhibits

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This evening, the New York State Academy of Trial Lawyers is hosting a CLE event, at which Mednick Associates is sponsoring and exhibiting. The seminar, presented at St. John’s University, is called “Talk About a Resolution: Medicare and Medicaid Liens In-Depth” and will be hosted by Brett Newman and Glenn Verchick. The description of the seminar, as listed on the official NYSATL website, is as follows:


This seminar will provide an overview of how and when to consider Medicare’s interests through the use of early reporting, procurement of Medicare Conditional Payment amounts and Medicare Set-Asides. The presenters will discuss what an attorney’s obligations are when it comes to Medicare Set-Asides, when they are needed, and more. The course will also focus on communicating with Medicare to get Conditional Payment amounts so that cases can be resolved. Presenters will review how to best advise clients and interact with opposing counsel and the courts on these matters.


Mednick Associates is a proud partner and sponsor of the NYSATL.