Story of tumor-ridden veteran brings light to spectrum of hospital negligence

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The deteriorating state of a veteran patient’s health brings light to the fact that hospital negligence comes in more forms than solely diagnostic and treatment errors. Delayed medical attention to health concerns can cause wrongful patient injury and death as well.

A 62-year old Air Force veteran suffered further health complications from a degenerative condition while waiting for a VA hospital to follow up with procedures. The patient, whose illness caused severe kidney problems, was advised by the VA facility to undergo a regular series of kidney dialysis. While the veteran began treatment, the hospital failed to schedule continued visits. In the meantime, the man suffered a distended bladder. An alternative healthcare provider later discovered multiple kidney tumors after the VA hospital essentially said he was free of cancer or tumors.

This case suggests the delay in treatments and medical attention caused the further worsening of the veteran’s condition. The Chicago Legal Authority (CLA) posted a blog (source) on this story to bring awareness to the spectrum of hospital negligence. The CLA goes further by noting, “veterans who have been harmed by VA hospital negligence may file for compensation under the Federal Tort Claims Act.”