Fetal Assault: A New Tennessee Law with a Huge Loophole

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In Tennessee, when a child is born addicted to drugs (particularly narcotics), it is considered fetal assault. Mothers can escape fetal assault charges if they have a prescription for said drugs during their pregnancy. Pain clinics, referred to as “pill mills” by law enforcement, are common in Tennessee, and make it easy for the public, … Continued

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Study Reveals Newborns Equally Threatened by Non-Resistant Infections. Calls for Change in Protocol at Neonatal Care Facilities.

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A recent study published by JAMA Pediatrics found that non-resistant staph infections occur more than twice as often in newborns as resistant strains. Though the bacteria respond to antibiotics, they still have nearly as high a death rate among newborns as antibiotic-resistant strains, like MRSA. Researchers concluded that these findings point to a need for … Continued

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